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Shaping the World

UCM introduces a new strategic positioning platform.

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By Mike Greife, Jeff Murphy, Shawna Bell and Angela Orr

When UCM President Charles Ambrose arrived on campus in 2010, part of his vision was to identify the university's strengths and to find ways to best communicate what makes the institution distinct. He saw a need for more than a temporary marketing or advertising campaign. His vision was a near-future and future-focused initiative that would serve as the basis for all internal and external communication and would provide a foundation for key decisions that affect the university's future.

To meet this objective, Ambrose enlisted the assistance of the consulting firm Cryder-Rinebold to provide expertise and leadership in developing such an initiative for UCM while working in concert with a large cross-section of the campus community. Over a period of several months conversations were held with UCM faculty, staff, students alumni, and corporate and community leaders, as well as friends of the university. The resulting information was compiled to help build the foundation of the platform for the strategic content.

The result was a strategic positioning platform that is guiding the university as it fulfills its identified responsibility to enrich the lives of its students, not only through academics, but also through a cumulative experience that starts in the classroom and includes applied learning and servant leadership opportunities.

Key components of the platform have been identified, including the unique attributes of UCM that define what the university stands for, along with the key audiences for the message to be delivered. The platform also identifies the "reasons to believe" in the value of a UCM education, based upon the supporting features of the UCM culture of service, engaged learning opportunities, future focused academics and a worldly perspective.

The UCM experience is summarized with "Learning to a Greater Degree," a creative expression that embodies UCM's distinct characteristics. It brings together in a concise statement what tools UCM graduates have been given as they prepare to shape the world in which they will live.

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