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UCM introduces a new strategic positioning platform.

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Jason Drummond, vice president of development

Jason Drummond on Strategic Positioning

A great portion of the University of Central Missouri's legacy lies in the successes and loyalty of its more than 86,000 alumni. As UCM graduates take the knowledge and skills gained with their degree into the world, they realize the value of their college experience.

"Alumni stay connected and give back to their alma mater because their degrees have impacted their careers and lives," said Jason Drummond, vice president of development. "We facilitate these ongoing relationships in many ways through events and networking that help alumni stay connected to each other and to UCM."

He noted that the strategic positioning of UCM as a university where students learn to a greater degree identifies it as a place where students have learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. "Students graduate from UCM with the tools they need to lead and shape their communities," he said. "Not only does this reassure alumni that their degrees carry value, but also that their alma mater strives to increase that value for future generations."

Another aspect for Drummond as executive director of the UCM Foundation is to enhance learning opportunities for current students through increased financial support from alumni and friends.

As an example, he points to the $1.8 million the university received the first half of fiscal year 2013 because of the generosity of alumni and friends. The funds made more scholarships available for students and enhanced student-centered programming.

"Our alumni have a great deal to offer," he added. "They made UCM what it is today, and they continue to provide the financial resources and opportunities that make it possible for those who follow."

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What a great article! I appreciate hearing how/why the strategic positioning was developed and its value. As a UCM grad working as a graphic designer, it reaffirmed the importance of establishing a focused direction and staying true to it in all aspects of communication. Thank you for the great coverage.

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