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Today: Spring 2013 - University of Central Missouri

A Word from the President


A Campus Community
Committed to Excellence

As another academic year closes, a record number of University of Central Missouri graduates are ready to begin new chapters in their lives using knowledge, skills and experiences they acquired from a campus committed to excellence. This commitment means a strong focus on student success that impacts nearly every aspect of the university experience. It means quality professors and academic programs as well as new initiatives that include improved residential housing and a round-the-clock campus environment that meets students' academic needs and contributes to a foundation for personal growth that will serve students a lifetime.

Consistent with UCM's drive for excellence, the new Learning to a Greater Degree Contract for student completion is a tremendous tool that will help the university graduate more students on time while decreasing their debt load. It will also encourage experiential and service learning opportunities that will make students better future employees and citizens prepared to make strong contributions to causes that will benefit all of us.

As you read this edition of Today, you will discover new examples of excellence through the work of our many alumni and activities that enhance the campus learning environment. For example, you will learn how one alumnus is working with an academic department to provide cutting-edge experiences in the printing industry that have led to ink products marketed across the globe. You will also learn about an alumnus who became a successful businessman and competed in a grueling 14-day cross-country motorcycle competition that draws competitors worldwide.

We hope you enjoy this issue, and we will look forward to introducing you to more stories that relate to UCM's foundation for excellence in future editions.

Joining you in service,

Chuck Ambrose
President, University of Central Missouri