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Graduate Certificate
Online Teaching and Learning
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This entirely online program equips k-20 teachers, administrators, and corporate trainers to keep pace with the demands of virtual instruction and Web-enhanced classrooms. By being immersed in the online environment students learn from both a teacher and student perspective. Those who want to teach online and/or include online components within the traditional classroom will be interested in this program.

The candidates for this certificate are the teachers who are technology leaders in public schools, higher education, and those who wish to become corporate trainers in online training programs. The courses will offer ways to extend their expertise and the certificate will provide evidence of their achievements. Teachers with this certificate will be knowledgeable and able to develop courses and teach online, both in virtual schools and blended classrooms, and to use online learning activities in the physical classroom.

Requirements for Acceptance into the Program

To be accepted into the program, a student must have a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum overall GPA of 2.5 (based on 4.0). Students may have an undergraduate degree in any area. Students without a background in Education or Educational Technology may wish to consider additional courses. A Bachelor of Science in Education is strongly recommended.

After completing the certificate, students are eligible to apply to the Master of Science degree in Educational Technology and, if accepted, apply these completed courses towards that degree.

Note: The Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning does not include certification to teach in a k-12 setting. A certificate is an award of completion. Certification is awarded by the state, authorizing an individual to teach in a k-12 school. If you do not have certification to teach but wish to do so, then contact the Certification Office to determine what additional course work would be required.

Certificate Requirements

INST 5100 Foundations of Educational Technology 3
INST 5220 Comm. in Online Learning Communities 3
INST 5320 Assessing and Evaluating Online Instruction 3
INST 5330 Educational Product Development & Mgmt. 3
INST 5500 Online Course Development 3


Total: 15 credit hours

Questions Regarding the Program

Dr. Odin Jurkowski

Program Coordinator


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