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Master of Science

Aviation Safety


The Department of Aviation is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (Higher Learning Commission). The Aviation Safety program is one of the largest degree programs at UCM and is the only publicly funded university in Missouri to offer this program.

The Master of Science in Aviation Safety is designed to prepare individuals for a career in aviation safety, safety program management, or aviation management.

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Requirements for Acceptance into the Program

To be accepted into the program, the student must have a minimum GPA of 2.50 in the undergraduate major. Exceptions to this standard may be granted on a case by case basis. Suitable educational background or experience in aviation and/or safety is required for acceptance. A student must pass a comprehensive examination before completion of the program.

Program Requirements

Core Courses (14 credit hours)

Professional Orientation
(3 credit hours)
AVIA 5001 Graduate Studies Orientation 1
AVIA 5002 Aviation Professional Ethics 2

(3 credit hours)
CTE 5900 Introduction to Research Methods 3
AVIA 5940 Current Literature and Research 3
CTE 6990 Thesis 3

Safety Program Management (8 credit hours)
AVIA 5500 Aviation Systems Safety and Risk Management 3
AVIA 5510 Aviation Safety Program Management 3
AVIA 5590 Aviation Safety Law 2
AVIA 4090 Aviation Law 3

Departmental Approved Graduate Coursework (18 credit hours)

Incidents and Accidents (3-12 credit hours)
AVIA 5520 Aircraft Accident Investigation 3
AVIA 5522 Technical Analysis of Aircraft Accidents II 4
AVIA 5530 Principles of Aviation Accident Causation 3

Human Factors (3-12 credit hours)
AVIA 5600 Human Dynamics in the Cabin 3
AVIA 5605 Psychological Human Factors 3
AVIA 5610 Physiological Human Factors 3
AVIA 5615 Human Error and Fatigue 3
AVIA 5620 Airmanship and Pilot Performance 3

Practice Area (3-12 credit hours)
AVIA 5030 Airport Planning & Design 3
AVIA 5040 Crew Resource Management 3
AVIA 5050 Flight Deck Ergonomics 3
AVIA 5060 Principles of Cabin Safety 3
AVIA 5070 Aviation Maintenance Safety 3
AVIA 5080 Air Traffic Control Error Management 3

Graduate Electives (0-9 credit hours)

Total: 32 Credit Hours
Either thesis or Departmental Comprehensive Exam is required.

Questions About the Program

Mr. Matthew Furedy
Program Coordinator



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