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Certificate Programs

Certificate programs are also available through UCM Online. These programs are offered at the undergraduate and graduate level and include the following programs:

Undergraduate Certificates

Crisis and Disaster Management
As our world becomes more complex, the need for skilled emergency management professionals continues to grow. UCM's Crisis and Disaster Management certificate program offers four areas: Business Continuity, Emergency Management, Emergency Services Management, and Environmental Hazards.

Spanish for Healthcare Professionals
With more than 40 million native Spanish speakers, the U.S. has the second largest Spanish-speaking population in the world. The U.S. healthcare industry is in need of professionals with proficiency in Spanish. The University of Centeral Missouri offers a 12-credit undergraduate-level Spanish for Healthcare Professionals certificate program, completely online. Students who have taken Spanish in high school or have some other background may qualify for free credit for up to six-credit hours.

Graduate Certificates


Geographic Information Systems
This interdisciplinary program follows the traditional mapping of geography while focusing on electronic mapping technology. Geographic Information Systems - by virtue of its primary function in special analysis and its dependence on the basic concepts of location, distribution and spatial interaction - is one of the highest demand areas in the current job market.


Lean Six Sigma
This online certificate program is designed for industrial professionals seeking insight into the techniques of Lean Six Sigma systems while preparing for the Lean Certification by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate or Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence Certification from the American Society for Quality.

Online Teaching and Learning
The Online Teaching and Learning program consists of five courses for a total of 15 credit hours. Teachers who are technology leaders in public schools and those who may wish to become corporate trainers in online programs are an ideal fit for this program.


Women, Gender, and Sexuality
The certificate is a stand-alone credential in the theory and methodology in women's and gender studies. It can also be combined with graduate study in a wide range of disciplines. The program appeals to a broad range of students, enhancing their graduate studies by the infusion of gender into the content.

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