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University of Central Missouri Military Tuition Package
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2018-2019 Online/Hybrid Cost Estimator

The cost calculator is designed to provide you with an estimation of your costs to attend the University of Central Missouri. Rates charged are based on course enrollment. Course fees and/or program fees may apply; these are not reflected in the estimate calculated. The University of Central Missouri's Board of Governors may alter fees at any time.

Students enrolled in nine or more hours will pay $376.95 in general fees and $74.55 in technology fees per semester. Students taking fewer than nine hours will pay $25.13 in general fees and $4.97 in technology fees per credit hour. Refer to the complete list of 2018-2019 rates approved by the UCM Board of Governors for additional rates charged per credit hour.

Student Type
Undergrad ($278.15/hr)
Graduate ($348.50/hr)
Business Graduate Courses ($463.90/hr)
PhD ($402.85/hr)

Credit Hours

Scholarships and
Financial Aid Received


Semester Costs
Instructional Fees $0.00
General Fees $0.00
Technology Fees $0.00
TOTAL $0.00
Subtract Scholarships $0.00

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