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Master of Science

Career and Technical Education Leadership


The Master of Science in Career and Technical Education Leadership is a 30 hour degree program personally tailored to the candidate’s professional goals and responsibilities.  Candidates can define their individualized program by choosing one of three degree options, CTE-specific courses, and supporting elective courses that meet their short-and long-term goals.  In addition, candidates:

  • Complete core courses in foundations of CTE, research methods, curriculum development theory, and student performance assessment.
  • Complete courses all online, or depending on one’s career goals and selected courses, via a combination of traditional classroom and alternative delivery formats (weekend courses, online, and ITV).
  • May tailor their program to their professional certification requirements (if applicable), thus completing an MS degree while completing their certification coursework.
  • Choose which degree completion requirement meets their career goals (thesis, written and oral comprehensive examinations, teacher/administrator licensure assessment, or research and publication)

Requirements for Acceptance into the Program

To be accepted to this program, candidates must have no fewer than 15 approved undergraduate or graduate hours in the major field of study, equivalent work experience, or a combination of both. Candidates must also have a minimum GPA of 2.5 in the undergraduate major or a 3.0 GPA during the last 60 semester hours of undergraduate study. Candidates who do not meet any of the preceding criteria must achieve a 3.5 graduate GPA during their first 12 semester hours of graduate study which must include required degree courses. In addition, candidates must submit two professional letters of recommendation and a personal statement of purpose reflecting on their previous experiences and describing how this degree will assist them in meeting their career goals.

Program Requirements

Core Courses (12 credit hours)

CTE 4110 Foundations of Career & Technical Education 3
CTE 4165 Performance Assessment in Career & Technical Education 3
CTE 5120 Curriculum Development Theory in Career & Technical Education 3
CTE 5900 Introduction to Research 3

Electives from one of the three options:

CTE Teaching Leadership Option: Strengthens existing instructional, curricular, and leadership skills for all levels of existing teachers (MS, HS, PS).  This option includes all CTE areas (Agriculture, Adult, Business, Family Consumer Sciences, Health Sciences, Engineering and Technology, and Skilled Technical Sciences – T&I).  It can also lead to alternative or initial teacher certification by working with one’s State Department of Education (SDE), such as the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE)..

CTE Administration Leadership Option: Assists teachers and administrators exploring and/or pursuing CTE administration.  This option includes CTE administration and educational administration courses, which can lead to Career Education Administrator certification through one’s State Department of Education.

CTE Industry Training Leadership Option: Assists industry educators in strengthening their planning, teaching/delivery, assessing, and researching skills.  This flexible option may include courses in management, industrial, health, and safety science consistent with the candidate’s career goals and needs while leading their colleagues in their training and education.

Questions About the Program

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Program Coordinator




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