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Master of Science in Education

Elementary Education/Curriculum and Instruction


The newly revised Master of Science in Education (Elementary Education) offers courses relevant to educators in early childhood and elementary education. The MSE in Elementary Education is based upon the National Board Standards for the early and middle childhood education areas. Each course is designed to meet the needs of teachers from pre-K through sixth grade.

Why should you get a Master of Science in Education degree?

  • Leadership opportunities
  • Increased knowledge of more effective teaching and assessment strategies
  • Opportunity to receive support and feedback from peers in the program
  • Salary increase

Requirements for Acceptance into the Program

To be accepted into the Master of Science in Education degree program in the Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education, a student must:

  • Have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.5
  • Submit proof of teacher certification or professional endorsement from any of the 50 states or territories and have graduated from an NCATE or regionally accredited university
  • Submit a copy of his/her last summative teaching evaluation (i.e., a PBTE or similar evaluation form), or a letter from a school superintendent, principal or professor attesting to teaching skills and/or graduate studies potential

A student may apply a maximum of 6 hours of graduate study in Special Projects (ECEL 5000) courses. (Students must consult and get consent from their graduate adviser for exemptions). A maximum of 12 graduate semester hours taken prior to the development of a program of study at UCM and approved by the student’s graduate program adviser may be accepted on a program of study. ECEL 5920 must be taken within the first 12 hours of the program.

Program Requirements

Core Courses (20 credit hours)

ECEL 5170 Advanced Foundations of Childhood Education 3
ECEL 5720 Childhood Curriculum & Assessment 3
ECEL 5730 Exemplary Instructional Practices 3
ECEL 5240 Leadership & Analysis of Teaching Children 3
ECEL 5920 Childhood Research & Development 3
ECEL 6800 MSE Internship for Childhood Educators 3
ECEL 6810 Capstone for Childhood Educators 2

Graduate Electives in Related Areas (10 credit hours)

The student will work with his/her graduate advisor to determine a set of courses to complete the 10 hours of 5000 or 6000 level electives from an area such as Literacy, Special Education, or Child and Family Development.

Total: 30 credit hours

Questions About the Program

Dr. Julie Hentges

Program Coordinator


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