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Bachelor of Science

Occupational Education

The program is committed to educating participants in comprehensive personal development, which responds to specific occupational updating, professional growth and enhancement, and state-of-the-art information sharing for and with career educators. It advocates a teaching approach, which brings about desired changes in the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and appreciation level of those in training. The program offers flexibility in course planning depending on the objectives of the student.

Students who complete a degree in Occupational Education may apply for Career Education teacher certification with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

By doing so, they can teach in comprehensive high schools with career education programs in their specialty area; public post-secondary programs such as career centers, adult evening schools, Federal Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) programs, and others (completion of a vocational education credential program may be required). Additional opportunities are in private postsecondary settings such as private proprietary schools and private two year colleges; community colleges with career education programs; industry and business training programs as trainers, managers, and program designers for adult learners.

Occupational Education teachers prepare their students to be successful in their chosen career paths. They teach extensive employability and leadership skills, life skills and enhance their general education skills and knowledge. The teaching specialty areas are too numerous to list, but will generally fall into trade and technical or health sciences career clusters.

Requirements for Acceptance into the Program

The traditional program or 2+2 program designed to build upon as associate degree may complete the Missouri DESE Career and Technical Education certification requirements for alternatively certified CTE teachers, particularly trade, industrial and health science instructors. UCM does not confer teacher certification for this major.

Major Requirements

Please view the latest requirements here.

New Teacher Institute

New Teacher Institute (NTI-CTE 4140) is a Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) state education grant funded teacher induction program and course for new CTE teachers in Missouri. It consists of a summer seminar training session facilitated through the Missouri Center for Career Education (MCCE). Learning objectives include an introduction to the teaching process, career educator resources, and the importance of career educator networking.  Application for NTI requires CTE Teacher Certification along with a submitted application. For application details or to learn more visit the MCCE website at:

Undergraduate Certificate Program - Career and Technical Education

Required courses (18 credit hours)
CTE 4110 Foundations of Career and Technology Education 3
CTE 4140 New Teacher Institute 3
CTE 4145 Curriculum Construction in CTE 3
CTE 4150 Vocational Guidance 3
CTE 4160 Methods of Teaching CTE 3
CTE 4165 Performance Assessment in CTE 3
EDSP 2100 Education of the Exceptional Child 3

Admissions Process for Certificate Seeking Students

1. Apply with Undergraduate Admissions here. Students will need to select degree-seeking options either as Freshman, Transfer, Readmit, or Post-Baccalaureate before beginning the application process. There is a non-refundable $30 application fee that students will need to pay, but they will not need to submit transcripts. For questions related to the application process, please contact Undergraduate Admissions directly at or 660-543-4290.

2. Once admitted, students will receive an acceptance notification from Admissions.

3. For assistance with registering in courses, please contact Rachel Clements at or 660-543-4452.

Questions About the Program

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