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Give your career a profitable and professional boost by obtaining a bachelor’s degree with the University of Central Missouri’s (UCM) Online RN to Baccalaureate Degree Option.

Registered nurses face increasingly complex demands that require a broad-based bachelor’s degree preparation. A baccalaureate degree provides many opportunities in the areas of public health, home health, nursing management, program planning, and health teaching. Upon earning the Bachelor of Science degree, you are eligible to continue your education at the master’s degree level, further enhancing your career opportunities.

UCM’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing includes general education courses and an introduction to other disciplines, as well as a major focus on nursing. The general education requirements for UCM, as well as the prerequisite courses for the nursing major will be evaluated prior to admission into the nursing program.

Requirements for Acceptance into the Program

Admission to UCM, completion of the general education requirements and prerequisite courses, and a valid RN license will be a part of the application procedure for admission to the RN BS in Nursing Degree Option.

Some RN students with an Associate of Arts degree from colleges with agreements with UCM may not be required to take any additional general education courses. Other RN students with associate degrees (examples AS, ADN and AAS) may be required to take additional general education courses. The nursing prerequisite courses must be met prior to entering the RN BS in Nursing program.

Proposed Schedule Of Classes for One Year Completion

First Semester (first 8 weeks)
NUR 4010 Health and Physical Assessment 3
NUR 4050 Professional Nurs. Dimensions & Perspect. 4
Choice of upper division nursing elective 2

First Semester (second 8 weeks)
NUR 4052 Advanced Concepts of Wellness for RNs 3
NUR 4111 Socio-Economic Factors Impacting Health 3

Second Semester (first 8 weeks)
NUR 4015 Evidence-based Practice/Research 2
NUR 4406 Concepts of Comm. Health Nursing 3
NUR 4407 Concepts of Comm. Health Nursing Pract. 2

Second Semester (second 8 weeks)
NUR 4200 Pathophysiology 3
NUR 4608 Concepts Nursing Leadership in Mgmt. 4
NUR 4609 Concepts Nursing Leadership in Mgmt. Pract. 1

Summer Semester
Check summer schedule for classes offered.

Total Program Credit Hours 30

One nursing elective is required from the following:

NUR 4020 Grief & Loss 2
NUR 4040 Nursing Informatics 2
NUR 4405 Aging of Self & Others 2
NUR 4210 Wellness of US Veterans and Military Families 2

Questions About the Program

Amy Yancey
Academic Advisor
Department of Nursing

Questions About Enrollment

Lindsey Smithson

Academic Advisor

Department of Nursing


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