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The College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences through the Department of Communication and Sociology offer a degree in communication studies entirely online.

Competent and professional communication practices coupled with effective leadership skills are the cornerstones for working professionals to create and maintain excellence in any organization. UCM’s online degree in communication studies will prepare you to assume a more significant leadership role in a variety of communication-related professions. The program will enhance your professional opportunities where the demand for the knowledge and skills of presentation, writing, research, management, media production, and relationship building are necessary in communication-related professions across a variety of corporate and non-profit industries. If so desired, the program provides an individual with the opportunity to earn a Certificate in Strategic Communication and Leadership as part of an ongoing partnership with Dale Carnegie & Associates, a global provider of professional education and training for effective communication and leadership. The Carnegie courses are offered face-to-face at training locations throughout the world.

Requirements of Acceptance into the Program

To be accepted into this program, one should have an undergraduate major or minor in a communication-related field or have some background coursework in communication or work in a communication-related profession. A student should have a minimum overall undergraduate grade point average of 2.50 and a minimum grade point average of 2.75 in at least 15 hours of undergraduate communication-related courses. Students with limited courses in communication-related curriculum may be accepted, but, must have a minimum of 15 semester hours of undergraduate credit in communication-related coursework with a minimum grade point average of 3.0. A student who is required to complete background courses must fulfill the requirement by taking courses in an undergraduate area of concentration- either communication studies, digital media production, or public relations. Applicable graduate transfer credit from an accredited university will be considered under the guidelines stated in the graduate catalog.

The individual’s program must be planned with the advice and consent of a department advisor.

Program Requirements

Core Courses

COMM 5000 Introduction to Graduate Studies (I & III) 1
COMM 5810 Theories (I & III) 3
COMM 6980 Research Problems (II & IV) 1-6
COMM 5800 Quantitative Research (II) 3
COMM 5820 Qualitative Research (III) 3

Elective Courses
COMM 4320 Social Influence (II) 3
COMM 4781 Strategic Comm Audits (I) 3*
COMM 4780 Adv. Organizational Communication (III) 3*
COMM 4670 Strategic Crisis Communication (IV) 3
COMM 5720 International Communication: Global Marketing & PR (I) 3
COMM 5300 Seminar Topics - TBA (II) 3
COMM 5330 Group Communication (IV) 3

*Required course for: Certificate in Strategic Communication & Leadership

Undergraduate Certificate in Strategic Communication and Leadership - 8 Week Blocks

Required Hours 8
Elective Hours 24
COMM 2700 Effective Communication & Human Relations 3*
COMM 4300 High Impact Presentations 1*
MGT 3300 Leadership Training for Managers 2*
COMM 4781 Strategic Comm Audits (I) 3
COMM 4780 Adv. Organizational Communication (III) 3

I = Aug - Oct; II = Oct - Dec; III = Jan - Mar; IV = Mar - May

*Please be advised, however that the Carnegie courses are offered face-to-face only, but available at training locations throughout the world.

Questions About the Program

Dr. Carol Atkinson

Program Coordinator




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