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Master of Science in Kinesiology

Sport Management


As a graduate student in the Sport Management program, you will have opportunity to showcase your leadership skills in sport business and sport culture. You will be prepared to manage marketing, finance, leadership, organization, facilities, events, law, promotions, and more in sport organizations.

As a Sport Management professional, you may work at the high school, collegiate, professional or community level in a variety of job settings, such as: facility and event management, accounting, licensed sporting good sales, media relations, and marketing and promotions.

Requirements for Acceptance into the Program

To enroll in the Sport Management master’s degree program, you must: have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.75, submit an application to UCM’s Graduate School at If you do not meet the above admission requirements, you should submit the following materials along with your application to be reviewed for conditional program admission: a statement of purpose and a list of references with email address.

The student’s program must be planned with the advice and consent of a department adviser. The elective hours may not merely be a collection of courses, but must be an integrated and related group of advanced courses fulfilling the department’s and student’s objectives.

Before completion of the degree, a student who elects PE 6990 must pass an oral defense of his/her thesis.

Program Requirements

Core Courses (14-18 credit hours)

PE 5760 Sport Marketing (F, Sp, Su) 3
PE 5770 Sport Finance (F, Sp, Su) 3
PE 5740 Legal Liability Sport & Fitness Adm. (Sp, Su) 3
PE 5780 Org. & Leadership Behavior (F, Sp) 3
PE 6990 Thesis (F, Sp, Su) 6 or
PE 6980 Internship (F, Sp, Su) 2-4

Required Research Courses: (3 credit hours for Intern/6 credit hours for Thesis)
PE 5210 Statistics in Kinesiology (F, Sp, Su) 3
PE 5900 Intro. to Research in Kinesiology (F, Su) 3

Elective Courses (14-16 credit hours for Internship/6 credit hours for Thesis)
PE 5110 Philosophy of Sport (Sp) 3
PE 5720 Sport Facility Management (F & even yr Su) 3
PE 5730 Risk Mgmt. in Kinesiology (F & odd yr Su) 3
PE 5750 Foundation in Sport Management (F) 3
PE 5800 Sport Sponsorship and Sales (F) 3
PE 5810 Sport Event Mgmt. in Kinesiology (Sp, Su) 3
PE 5820 Sport Public Relations (F & odd yr Su) 3
PE 5860 Sport and Media (Sp & even yr Su) 3
PE 5880 Sport Consumer Behavior (F) 3
PE 6190 Trends and Issues in Kinesiology (Sp, Su) 3
PE 6900 Readings in Kinesiology (as needed) 3

Students needing a foundational course in sport management as an acceptance requirement can take:
PE 5750 Foundations of Sport Management 3

Minimum Total: 33 credit hours

F=fall offering; Sp=spring offering; Su=summer offering

Questions About the Program

Dr. Steve Burns

Program Coordinator



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