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Student Appeals

An undergraduate student may appeal a decision related to any policy stated in the student handbook.  The process for various types of appeals is outlined in the document.  For further assistance, please contact Extended Studies at 660-543-4984 or

A graduate student may appeal a decision related to any policy stated in the Graduate Catalog. The appeal begins by completing a Petition to Graduate Studies. The Petition is reviewed by the Graduate Dean. If the student is not satisfied with the appeal decision, the Petition plus any additional information is again reviewed by the Graduate Dean. If the decision is the same, the student may request the Petition be forwarded to the Graduate Council for review. The decision of the Graduate Council is final.

All students may appeal grades issued by instructors and accusations of academic dishonesty.  The procedures for both are in the student handbook.

Students who have exhausted all informal and formal institutional processes to resolve disputes may file a complaint with the Missouri Department of Higher Education.  Their process for filing complaints may be viewed at:

Individuals who have a complaint related to the University of Central Missouri’s ongoing ability to meet the criteria of accreditation may contact the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools’ Higher Learning Commission.  Instructions for filing a complaint may be viewed at:

If you have a complaint about a UCM distance learning program you may contact the appropriate agency in your state of residence.  Contact information for each state is listed here.

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