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Bachelor of Science

Technology Management

transfer program


The Technology Management(transfer program) at the University of Central Missouri prepares individuals for a professional career in business. This program builds on technical courses of an associate degree in the field of applied sciences and technology. Thirty-eight semester hours of junior/senior division coursework in the major must be taken through UCM.

The Technology curriculum concentrates on technical management courses that include current issues in industry, legal aspects, organizational dynamics, quality systems engineering, safety concerns, technical writing and team problem solving.

In addition to these studies, the transfer student will also need to complete additional general education courses, which can be taken at any accredited two-year or four-year college or university, as long as they are equivalent to UCM’s courses. Currently, we have program options in Manufacturing, Management, Construction, Electronics, General Technology, Quality Systems and Virtual Media.

Requirements for Acceptance

A technology related Associate in Applied Science or Associate in Science Degree from an accredited community college or technical institute in a field of study related to the School of Technology will be accepted (Associate of Arts degrees are accepted with individualized course evaluations). Thirty-eight semester hours of the degree transferred should apply towards the major and the remainder towards General Education. The General Education requirements transferred must be equivalent to UCM’s requirements.

Major Requirements

Core Courses (21 hours)

INDM 4010 Current Issues in Industry 3
INDM 4015 Legal Aspects of Industry 3
INDM 4210 Industrial Management 3
INDM 4260 Organizational Dynamics 3
ENGT 4580 Quality Systems Engineering 3
SAFE 3000 Creative Problem Solving 3

SAFE 3120 Industrial Hygiene 3
CTE 3060 Technical Writing 3

Electives - those listed are online (13 credit hours)

Area 1: Management
INDM 4220 Human Factors Engineering 3
INDM 4240 Facilities Engineering 3
INDM 4250 Project Management 3

Area 2: Construction
CMGT 3220 Prin. of Construction Management 3
CMGT 3330 Building Codes & Code Administration 3

Area 3: Electronics
None in this area available entirely online

Area 4: Manufacturing
ENGT 3510 Engineering Planning & Control 3
INDM 4250 Project Management 3

Area 5: Quality Systems
INDM 4280 Industrial Statistics 3
SOT 4000 Special Projects in Technology 3

Area 6: Virtual Media
INDM 4250 Project Management 3
SOT 4000 Special Projects in Technology 3

Area 7: General Technology
The student, working with a faculty advisor, will select a minimum of 13 sem. hours of upper level course work from program areas in the School of Technology.

*Many other face-to-face electives are available.

Questions About the Program

Dr. Jeff Ulmer

Program Coordinator


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