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Request more information about UCM.

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Employment Stats

More than 90 percent of UCM alums land jobs within six months of graduation!


What to Expect (High School vs. College)

Sure, you've heard that college is the best time of our life. But what does that really mean? You will have more freedom in college than ever before. This freedom allows you to take meaningful classes and gain knowledge about subjects that matter to you.



You wake up early and go to the same classes every day all day.
Not a morning person? Schedule all your classes to start at 1 p.m.
Few Choices
You must take "core" classes in subjects that might not interest you.
There are a limited number of activities in which to participate.
Many Choices
Classes suddenly seem a lot more interesting,
because you pick them from a long list. You have a lot of freedom.
They Make the Rules
Teachers at school tell you exactly what homework to do each night. Your parents set curfews and tell you
when to do chores.
You Make the Rules
You are responsible for keeping up with your course materials. Your parents aren't there to tell you what
to do and when to do it.
No Naps
Being at school all day long is exhausting. You wonder why naptime stopped after kindergarten.
Power Naps
Schedule your classes so that you can take a power nap and recharge midday.
Memorization and Regurgitation
Cramming for tests in high school means
flash cards and study guides so you can memorize and recite the facts.
Analysis and Synthesis
College is all about understanding the subject matter. One day, when you have a job, you will use the critical thinking skills you learned.