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Success Program FAQs

What is The Success Program?

The Success Program is designed for students who do not meet regular admission standards to UCM but show academic promise. Students are selected based upon ACT scores, high school GPA, and answers to the Success Questions.

What is expected?

Upon receiving an invitation to apply for the program, students are asked to complete the Success Questions and the Learning Agreement.  Answers to the questions will help us determine if the student is a good fit for the program and how we can best assist the student.  The Agreement serves as a guide to the student's transition to becoming a successful college student. The Agreement must be followed to maintain enrollment at UCM. Failure to follow it may result in suspension from the program and/or UCM.  Students are also required to successfully complete the courses and activities in the Success Workshop (August 9-13, 2015) to ensure admission to the fall semester.

What goes on during the Success Workshop?

During the workshop, students are introduced to the campus and to university resources and they will begin at least one of their courses.  Sessions throughout the week will educate students about many topics including technology, financial aid, academic requirements, and the Student Success Center.  The sessions help ease the transition to the college environment. Along with the mandatory daytime activities, a variety of programming is provided for students in the evening.

What is a Learning Community?

Like many first-year students on campus, students in The Success Program are enrolled in a Learning Community.   Learning Communities consist of three classes that 20 to 25 students take together during the first semester.  The Success Program Learning Communities include a General Education course, a linked Supplemental Instruction class, and a Learning Strategies course.  The Learning Community involves 6 credit hours.  As an example, a student in a Learning Community might have the following three courses on their schedule:

AE 1820 Learning Strategies   (2 hours)

Hist 1351 American History from 1877  (3 hours)

AE 1826 Supplemental Instruction for Hist 1351  (1 hour)

Each student will also be enrolled in an additional 6 to 9 credit hours for the semester, which is a normal first semester load of 12 to 15 hours.  The first semester Learning Community and additional hours are selected based upon a student’s major, planned placement criteria, and interests.  All of the courses in The Learning Community and on a student's schedule are credit courses.

Do students need to attend all the activities during the Success Workshop?

Yes, attendance is required at all daytime activities. The activities begin on Sunday with the official welcome and end on Thursday afternoon. There are a variety of free evening events that students are encouraged to attend.

Where will students live?

Students attending the Success Workshop will be temporarily housed in the residence hall designated for early arrivals.  On Wednesday of that week students will move to the room assigned to them for fall semester.  

What will the cost be to students?

The cost for meals is $80.00 during the Success Workshop week.  Fall meal plans are not yet available during this time which is the reason for the additional charge.  Students pay the $80.00 in advance and dining dollars are added to their account for use during this week. This is more convenient and less expensive than paying cash for each meal. Unused dining dollars will remain on the student’s account and will be available to use during fall semester.  In terms of housing, students who will live in the residence halls during the fall semester will not have any additional charges for a room during this week. Students who are exempt from the housing requirement and will commute during the semester are strongly encouraged to live in the halls during the Success Workshop. The cost to do so is $10.00 per day.

Does this program replace Summer Orientation?

No, Summer Orientation is very important. Orientation provides students with an opportunity to receive their schedules and make final plans for the fall semester. It also provides their families an opportunity to become familiar with the campus.  Students in the Success Program are encouraged to attend orientation in June.

Are students allowed to declare a major?

Yes, students in the Success Program are allowed to declare a major.

What are the GPA requirements to remain at UCM?

Students in the Success Program are fully admitted and fall under the same guidelines as any other student regarding academic standing.  To be in good academic standing a student must earn a minimum GPA of 2.0. Those who earn below 2.0 will be placed on probation for the next semester.  A student on probation who earns below a 2.0 GPA is suspended.