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Request more information about UCM.

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Employment Stats

More than 90 percent of UCM alums land jobs within six months of graduation!

Guide to Admissions

There's a lot more to college admissions than filling out the application. Get ahead of the game by preparing for college now.

We hope you Choose Red, but these steps will help you succeed wherever you decide to go.

Freshman Year

  1. Enroll in the Missouri college-preparatory curriculum at your high school.
  2. Practice good study habits that fit your learning style.
  3. Browse majors and job shadow an adult whose career interests you.
  4. Find a sport or activity you love and take steps toward becoming a leader at your high school.
  5. Become active in other clubs and organizations that interest you, including community service organizations, youth groups or a part-time job.

Sophomore Year

  1. Focus on your grades: Don't wait until your junior or senior year. The grades you make during your freshman and sophomore years have a huge impact on your overall GPA and class rank.
  2. Look into taking standardized tests such as the ACT and SAT, which are required at most colleges. At UCM, we prefer you take the ACT.
  3. Begin attending college fairs and request information about schools that interest you.
  4. Visit a college campus while on vacation with your family.

Junior Year

  1. Take the ACT and/or SAT tests. UCM's ACT school code is 2272, and the SAT code is 6090.
  2. Find as much information as possible about the schools that interest you through college fairs, mailings, brochures and websites.
  3. Review the admissions requirements for your top choice schools.
  4. Visit campuses.
  5. Meet with admissions representatives who visit your high school.
  6. Form relationships with your high school teachers so they will know you well enough to write letters of recommendation for you.
  7. Meet with your high school guidance counselor in charge of college admissions. He or she can be a huge resource and help you narrow your search.

Senior Year   

  1. Visit UCM.
  2. Take, or retake, the ACT and/or SAT tests.
  3. Apply for admission as early as possible to the college you are seriously considering attending.
  4. Apply for institutional and local scholarships in the fall.
  5. Apply for financial aid after Jan. 1.
  6. Choose a school and notify colleges of your decision.
  7. Attend orientation and enrollment programs.
  8. Enjoy your senior year!