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Transfer Policies

Transfer Credit
The University of Central Missouri awards credit in transfer for undergraduate courses completed at colleges and universities accredited by the following regional accrediting agencies: North Central, Southern, Western, Middle States, Northwest, New England or accreditation through the Higher Learning Commission. Transfer credit will maintain its original letter grade and leveling. In addition, UCM's repeat policy will be applied to transfer credit without consideration of the repeat policy at the transfer institution.

Transfer credit is evaluated on the same basis used for UCM students. Applicants who hold an Associate of Arts (A.A.), Associate of Arts in Teacing (A.A.T.) or bachelor's degree from an accredited institution or have met the Missouri 42 hour General Education Core requirements are considered to have met UCM’s requirements in General Education. Transfer students who have completed the A.A., A.A.T., a bachelor's degree, or the 42 hour General Education Core must also complete any applicable major specific General Education courses. Note that the State of Missouri requires certain education courses for teacher certification. Transfer credit is not awarded for remedial courses.

For those with degrees other than the A.A., A.A.T., or a bachelor's degree or who have not met the Missouri 42 hour General Education Core, the University reviews transcripts and accepts applicable credit toward UCM graduation on a course by course basis. Courses taken at a two year college will not be applicable toward upper level hour requirements although they may equate to or be substituted for upper level classes.

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Transfer Credit Articulation
Articulation is the process of determining how courses from other institutions equate to UCM courses. Credit that has no UCM specific equivalent or has not been reviewed will appear on the UCM degree audit with a prefix of ELCT. The Office of Admissions coordinates the undergraduate transfer course articulation process. To have a course reviewed for articulation, submit the Transfer Course Equivalency Form at

Special Credit Assessments
The total credit earned by way of Advanced Placement Examinations (AP), College-Level Examinations Program (CLEP), official certification, military service, Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) and similar assessments will not exceed 30 semester hours. Special credit can not be applied to any upper level hour requirements. A student must be currently enrolled at the University of Central Missouri and pursuing a defined program of study in order to be considered eligible for any special credit. Special credit is not posted to the student transcript until the student has completed one full semester of work at UCM. For clarification and/or information regarding special credit at UCM contact the Office of Testing Services, HUM 216, 660-543-4919,

Advanced Placement Examinations
Credit may be granted for successful performance on Advanced Placement Examinations. These are available in a number of subject areas and of two types: (1) those given by the College Entrance Examination Board which must be taken prior to or during a student’s first semester at UCM; and (2) those prepared and administered by departments of the University. Additional information may be obtained from the Office of Testing Services, HUM 216, 660-543-4919,

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
All CLEP examinations must be taken prior to the earning of college course credit in the course for which you wish to take the CLEP examination. Credit obtained based on taking the College Level Examination Program may be used to satisfy electives or general education requirements in some programs. To receive and apply such credit, it is necessary for scaled scores or scaled subscores to be at or above the level set by the respective department. Additional information may be obtained from the Office of Testing Services, HUM 216, 660-543-4919,

Credit for Official Certifications
In certain instances, academic departments will evaluate official certifications, licenses, and diplomas granted by fully accredited national and state boards and officially recognized professional organizations to determine whether or not undergraduate credit may be assigned by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs toward the fulfillment of degree requirements in specific major or minor related areas. Appropriate departments of the University reserve the right to test competencies and performances in these areas and to determine the hours and the nature of the credit to be assigned, if any. All requirements as stated in the Undergraduate Catalog must be met before a degree is conferred.

Military Service Related Credit
Credits earned by service personnel in specialized training programs of the United States armed services under certain circumstances may be accepted. The guidebook published by the American Council on Education is used to determine the credit value. U.S. Armed Military Credit is reviewed by Vicki Orcutt, Director, Academic Outreach , HUM 410 C-1, 660-543-8926

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