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Guidelines for Group Visits

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Please review the following guidelines. We take great pride in showing our campus to prospective students and other visitors. We are occasionally asked to provide accommodations for visiting groups, such as students who are on campus for special programs or visiting high school groups. We welcome the opportunity to assist with such groups.

To ensure the quality of experience we are able to provide, we ask that these guidelines be followed when arranging and requesting group visits:

  1. Group visits should be arranged at least three weeks in advance to allow the Campus Visit Office and Student Ambassadors ample time to make arrangements.

  2. Group tours are available during the regular academic year on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Please contact us before making travel arrangements to ensure availability on your requested day, as certain peak times may not be able to accommodate large groups.

  3. Group visits are considered a group of 10 or more prospective students. The groups are not limited to a specific age.

  4. A campus tour should not be a required activity for a visiting group unless they are specifically visiting as prospective students. Requiring disinterested individuals to take a campus tour creates a challenge for the Ambassadors and often diminishes the quality of the experience for those individuals who truly want to be on campus.

  5. Group tours will not exceed 60 students. This allows us the opportunity to provide the best tour experience. One chaperone or counselor is responsible for every 10 students. They must accompany their students on tour and be responsible for the behavior of their students. It is not the responsibility of the Ambassador to discipline students. Their main objective is to provide quality information about the opportunities at UCM. If students become disruptive on a tour, the Ambassadors are authorized to end the tour immediately.

  6. Because details regarding the visiting group's schedule (including availability of tour guide/staff, facility reservation, etc.) are based upon their arrival time, groups who arrive late are subject to missing parts of the arranged visit.

  7. Along with campus tours, the Office of Admissions will be able to provide a brief overview of UCM (preparing for college, admissions, cost, opportunities, etc.) and a student panel if you would like.

  8. Lunch/Transportation is not provided by UCM. We recommend each student bring $9.00 if they plan to eat lunch in the Union Food Court or dining hall.

To arrange a group visit please contact the Chris Lang at 660-543-8342 or