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Russian video clips to introduce the life of A.R. Luria. Part 1 and Part. (requires Window Media)

Four International Conferences in 2002 to Celebrate the Lurie ConferenceCentennial of Luria's Birth

1). A. R. Luria celebration and symposium, June 18-22, ISCRAT, in Amsterdam. This event was organized by Tatiana Akhutina, with the help of Michael Cole, James V. Wertsch, and Dorothy Robbins. There was an evening celebration of Luria's life, and an afternoon symposium session with papers.

Those who were invited to participate in this celebration/symposium were: Zinchenko, Glozman, Radkovskaya, Subbotsky, Obukhova, Podolsky, Lebedinsky, Moskovichute, Korsakova, Goldberg, Velichkovsky, Anna-Lisa Christensen, Paul Schoenle, Oliver Sacks, Kiyoshki Amamo, Peeter Tul'viste, Wolfgang Jantzen, J. P. Das, Kurt Levin, David Tupper, Luis Quintanar Rojas, Peter Brooke, Luciano Mecacci, and others.

2). A. R. Luria conference, July 5-6, 2002, in Bremen, Germany. This conference was sponsored by the Luria Gesellschaft (German Luria Society), Luria-Institute, University of Konstanz (Paul Schoenle), and Institut fuer Behindertenpaedogogik (Institute for Pedagogy of the Handicapped), University of Bremen (Wolfgang Jantzen).
Invited speakers were: Mark Solms, Anna-Lisa Christensen, Tatiana Akhutina, Gerhard Roth, and others.

3). Alexander Luria and the psychology of the XXIst century: Second International Luria Memorial Conference. Moscow, 24-27 September, 2002. (select a printable version of the document - M.S. Word / Adobe Acrobat) For information, please check the following websites:

English: http://www.psy.msu.ru/science/conference/luria/english.htm
Russian: http://www.psy.msu.ru/science/conference/luria/luria.html

4). Another Luria conference took place in Italy in September, 2002. This conference was organized by Luciano Mecacci.