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This portion of the website involves some of my personal work and interest. I am helping the orphanage monthly on a personal basis. There is always a need for sponsors; a trip to Russia is planned for those who are sponsors. The projected date for this trip is June 2003. If you are interested in additional information or would like to become a sponsor, please contact me via email: drobbins@ucmo.edu.

On August 1, 1980 a municipal educational (correctional) boarding school was established, and it is listed as type 8 under the Russian government. There is an internat (building where the children live) that is the home to 140 children live (30% girls, 70% boys). Most of these children are orphans, but some have been separated from abusive parents. There is also a school that is very well disciplined with good educational opportunities, and another building for some of the staff to live in. This complex is literally in the middle of nowhere, and this is why your help is needed. It is 150km north from Moscow in the Naro-Fonimisk region, and the area is called Vischegorod. The orphanage is located in the middle of fields and a surrounding forest. There is a village on each side, with a 20 km. distance in each direction, and only a couple of dachas nearby, and a very small store. The internat is extremely isolated. I have been working with the Director, Pavel Ivanovich Laschenkov, since 1999, and can tell you that he is a tireless advocate for the children.

There is a man in Germany, Herr Krüger, who has been helping the orphanage for approximately 8 years. And, although some money comes from the Russian government, it is very little and goes for salaries, meals for the children, municipal expenses, and other economic needs. The children could use more clothing, and the buildings are in need of repair. As well, we hope to construct another building and to purchase more equipment, especially a bus to transport the children.

Here are a list of the basic needs now:

  • Expansion of facilities. There needs to be a new floor added to the internat
  • More vegtables, fruit, and sweets
  • Clothes, shoes for the children
  • A roof on the school building needs repairing
  • Replacement of windows at the school
  • Additional electricity and heating for a warehouse and garage that was constructed during the summer of 2000
  • Medical and dental care for the children
  • Educational games, and more equipment for sports
  • Scholarships to help these young people become more independent. With scholarships they could later go to Moscow and learn a trade and computer skills.

Moskovskaya Oblast
Naro-Fominskiy r-n
d. 3-4, Internat

There is not a focus on just trying to help those who need it in Russia, but it is a way to help young people know that they are thought of, and to know that there will be help for those who sincerely want to make a future for themselves as productive citizens.