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Gita Vygodskaya's message & video to the 17th EECERA Conference, Prague, 2007

Gita Vygodskaya's 80th birthday, May 9, 2005 (video requires Window Media player)

Tatiana Akhutina interviews Gita Vygodskaya, Summer 2005 Part 1, Part 2 (video requires Window Media player)

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A. N. Leontiev
A. A. Leontiev
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The 7th International Vygotsky Memorial Conference

The conference took place in Moscow, Russia from November 14-17, 2006. Participants from over 18 countries participated.

Conference Program

Key Note speech which was published as Redifining L. S. Vygotsky's Non-Classical Psychology [2007], Intercultural Pragmatics, 4/1, pp.85-97.

Pictures taken by Dr. Alexander Surmava at the 7th International Vygotsky Conference, 2006

Picture slideshow of the 2006 conference, by Volker Bunzendahl. The music was written by Thomas Koppel. Click on 'film clip', on that page click on 'watch video.'[Vygotsky picture]

On the left, Quintino and Valentin.

Tours of Moscow

tours of Moscow

tours of Moscow

tours of Moscow