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Gita Vygodskaya's message & video to the 17th EECERA Conference, Prague, 2007

Gita Vygodskaya's 80th birthday, May 9, 2005 (video requires Window Media player)

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The 8th International Vygotsky Memorial Conference

Theme: 'Play in non classical psychology'
November 14-17, 2007 in Moscow, Russia

Conference sub-themes:

  • Play in classical and nonclassical psychology
  • Children’s play
  • Play outside the childhood

The 8th International Vygotsky Memorial Conference will be dedicated to the 111th Anniversary of L.S.Vygotsky’s birth. The conference will be organized by the Russian State University for the Humanities, the L. S. Vygotsky Institute of Psychology, the International L.S.Vygotsky Society, the L.S.Vygotsky Fund.

Conference will include the following symposia:

Simposium 1. Philosophy, sociology, culturology and history of play(Chair: Vladimir Kudiravtsev, Gennady Lobastov)

Simposium 2. Cultural-historical psychology as a mean of basically new understanding of play.(Chair: Elena Kravtsova, Eiji Kamia)

Simposium 3. Theory of play in dialectical psychology(Chair: Alexander Surmava, Elena Sokolova)

Simposium 4. Concept of play as an explanation principal in childhood psychology.
(Chair: Gennady Kravtsov, Liudmila Obukhova)

Simposium 5. Play after childhood
(Chair: Igor Slobodchikov, ÿlga Makhovskaya)

Simposium 6. From psychology of art to psychology of play
(Chair: Vitaly Shabelnikov, Vladimir Sobkin)

Simposium 7. Play in education, education in play(Chair: Alexander Venger, Galina Tsukerman)

Simposium 8. Playing practices of professional developement (Chair: Valery Lazarev, Juriy Gromiko)

Simposium 9. Play’s capability in special psychology and therapy (Chair: Zhanna Glozman, Galina Mishina)

Round table 1: Does children’s play have a prospect in modern culture?(Chair: Elena Kravtsova, Vladimir Kudiravtsev)
Round table 2: «A toy as an instrument of developement»(Chair: Elena Smirnova, Ivan Kirillov)
Master class: «Psychological theatre as a form of professional developement»(Chair: Elena Kravtsova, Elena Berezhkovskaya)

Please submit proposals for papers as soon as possible. Extended deadline, September 14, 2007. Send an abstract, with your name and academic degree, affiliation, topic of your paper in accordance with the conference themes, e-mail address, and a 250 word abstract.

Please send this information to the following e-mail address:vygotsky_confer@mail.ru.

The registration fees will be:
$150 for professors from outside of Russia
$75 for foreign students.
We sincerely hope to hear from you soon, and hope to welcome you to Moscow.

With best wishes,
Gita L’vovna Vygodskaya, Honorary President
Elena Kravtsova, President,
Director of the L. S. Vygotsky Institute for Psychology

Vygotsky Institute of Psycholjgy
Russian State University for Humanities
Miusskaya ploshchad', Moscow, 6125267, Russia

Tel.: 7-495-250-61-47
Fax: 7-495-973-44-34
E-mail: vygotsky_confer@mail.ru

Program committee
Vladimir Kudriavtsev - chairman
Alexander Surmava
Alexander Venger
Elena Kravtsova
Elena Smirnova
Gennadi Kravtsov - vice chairman
Gennadi Lobastov
Igor Slobodchikov
Liudmila Obukhova
Valeri Lazarev
Vitali Shabelnikov
Zhanna Glozman

Organising committee
Elena Kravtsova - chair person
Alexander Surmava
Dorothy Robbins (USA)
Eiji Kamiya (Japon) – vice chairman
Elena Berezhkovskaya
Galina Mishina
Gelena Hovrina
Gennadi Kravtsov
Igor SlobodchikovVladimir Sobkin
Marina Novikova-Grund
Natalia Razina
Vladimir Kudryavtsev - vice chairman

Irina Fedorova
Galina Petrusenko