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Gita Vygodskaya's message & video to the 17th EECERA Conference, Prague, 2007

Gita Vygodskaya's 80th birthday, May 9, 2005 (video requires Window Media player)

Tatiana Akhutina interviews Gita Vygodskaya, Summer 2005 Part 1, Part 2 (video requires Window Media player)

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International Vygotsky Conference
June 2000

image 3Dr. Vladimir Spiridonov (image to the right) and Dr. Dorothy Robbins organized an international Vygotsky conference in four Russian cities from June 20-30, 2000. There were participants from Germany, Finland, England, USA, Poland, China, Hong Kong, and Russia. The conference took place in Moscow, Zvenigorod, Belaya Kalytva, and Rostov-on-Don. The first part of the conference was theoretical with participants giving lectures on various topics regarding Vygotsky. The second part of the conference was practical. We took the train to a small Village two and a half hours south of Rostov-on-Don, where we visited a Golden Key school in Belaya Kalytva. During this visit we were treated to Russian hospitality, Russian culture, typical school settings, theoretical discussions, Interaction with Russian children and their families, and there was a final banquet.

The topic of the conference was: Zone of Proximal Development. For further information, please check the following website: www2bc.edu/~albertli/russia.htm. Below are a few of the photos from the conference.

image 1

Center left: Dr. Umrikhin (Moscow State University), next to Dr. Umrikhin is Dr. Boris Bratus (Moscow State University and Vygotsky Institute of Psychology)

image 2

Russian participants, guests and students.

image 4

Left: Dr. Lillie Albert (USA), Dr. Wang Wan chi (Hong Kong), Li Yin (Hong Kong, China).

image 5

Dr. Carol Lerch (USA).