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No Cubicle Careers in Religious Studies. Choose Adventure!

Posted: 11/11/2012 - Many students walk through the doors at UCM hoping to earn a degree that will be their ticket to a high-paying job. They come to discover the magic key to wealth, but wealth isn’t always the answer to creating a fulfilling, adventurous, and challenging career. In a recent Wall Street Journal story, Leslie Kwoh captures the feelings of many people who are leaving high paying jobs, especially banking, on the East Coast. Matt Wolf, a former 35-year-old Vice President at Morgan Stanley voices his observations, “People in the industry have started to question what the grand purpose is, really.” Bankers cited “brutal hours, lack of exercise, weight gain and a non-existent social life as reasons for leaving.” Many jobs become burn-out shops with people escaping their fine suits and nice offices for something that really satisfies them. Andy Frankenberger agrees, “I wanted to grow more as a person.” After landing the job that pays all the bills and more, many ask if the value of creating wealth is worth the personal sacrifice. There is more to an excellent career than a paycheck. What about all of the hundreds of careers that are focused on people not on the dollar? What would the world do without The Red Cross? Religious Studies does not produce cubicle careers! Careers in Religious Studies take you to the streets, villas, archaeological and religious sites all over the world. Learning about the beliefs, sacred texts, rituals, art, languages, music, and history of religions of others can help you to understand the world in which we live. It may even help you to understand better your own values and personal faith. It may point you in the opposite direction of creating wealth for yourself. While you are pursuing your goals at UCM, whatever they might be, consider majoring or minoring in Religious Studies. All of our classes are on-line. It is an analytical discipline that fosters creative and critical thinking during every class period. Not a day goes by without a report about religion in the news. Check out their bulletin board across from Wood 124. The stories and events are remarkable. During the spring semester the Center for Religious Studies will offer the following classes: Look for REL! •Zen and Buddhist Sects, •Exploring Religions, •Native American Religions, •Alaska History and Myth, •Global Images of Jesus, and •Comparative World Religions. If you are interested in reading about the Center for Religious Studies check out their webpages at While you are there scan the video they produced about their adventure to Alaska and jobs that require a Religious Studies degree. On the same webpages you will find a form to create an Individualized Major and an outline of courses for both a minor and a major in Religious Studies. Join us! Create an adventurous and satisfying career for yourself!t “Find something to study that you love, and that love will remain with you the rest of your life. Make the most out of your time at UCM. Treasure every class in which you enroll.” says Dr. Marla J. Selvidge, Director at

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