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Summer/Fall Enrollment Begins in 3 Weeks!

Posted: 3/1/2013 - Try UCM’s "Schedule Planner" program to quickly plan your Summer and Fall course schedules! You pick the classes and breaks (work, athletic practice, etc.) and it gives you ALL possible schedule options! Create dozens of possible schedules in seconds!

Find "Schedule Planner" in MyCentral under the UCM Home tab. Upon your first login to Schedule Planner, view the 5 short "Help Videos" (blue link at the top right of the page). These will quickly show you how to use the software. Load up as many course choices and breaks that you like, click on them, and hit the “Generate Schedules” button to see all possible choices.

To find all possible schedules leave the "Parts of Term" option set to "All Parts of Term Selected". For "Campus", choose "All Campuses Selected" or choose "At UCM in Warrensburg" to just see classes taught at the main campus. To see online and hybrid classes, be sure to choose those options as well.

NOTE – Use of Schedule Planner is optional. Planning your class schedule in Schedule Planner does not constitute registering for those classes. You will still need to use MyCentral to register on your enrollment access date.

Learn more about Schedule Planner at

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