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Come Back Next Fall to Elvis: Memphis Messiah!

Posted: 5/1/2013 - Mark your calendars! Fall and Spring 2013-2014 Invite students, co-workers, and friends to the following events on campus.

During the fall and spring semesters the Center for Religious Studies will be featuring free events on campus that surround the life and times of Elvis Presley as a way to introduce our new online class, "Elvis. Memphis Messiah," to be offered during the spring of 2014. Elvis’ roots were within the Assemblies of God or Pentecostalism, Black Spiritualism-Spirituality, and a host of other New Religions that he studied as an adult such as Self-Realization Fellowship, Theosophy, Astrology, Numerology, Q(K)abbala, Judaism, LDS, Christian Science and more.

After his death, people continued to venerate Elvis and now make pilgrimages to Graceland in January and August. His singing career bridged racial divides during the civil rights movement and the following legislation. In the class we will explore the deaths of M.L.K., the Kennedys, race riots, and the probable influence that Elvis’ music had on the changes that were occurring in the United States.

Check out all the dates and times next fall and spring. Posted on the University Calendar, on flyers around campus, on the Religious Studies webpages, and periodic announcements on the UCM webpages.

Come back next fall to Elvis.

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