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Rel 3900 Was Elvis Presley gay?

Posted: 10/14/2013 - No one really knows if Elvis was gay or bisexual or not? There are outlandish myths about his sexual conquests but part of that was hype that kept the fans at his door! Fifty years ago most males did not admit they were gay. Rock Hudson, Johnny Matthis, and most recently, Ricky Martin kept their sexuality a secret.

Elvis opened the door to aspiring non-traditional males. He wore make-up and let his hair grow long. When not on stage, he wore more feminine clothes. In some of his movies he wore jeans but in real life he did not like them. His androgynous life helped society to open the door to people who were different.

Elvis wanted the creative freedom to explore life and he modeled that freedom to his fans. Much of this freedom stemmed from his open-minded attitude toward religions. He studied and studied religions and found that they supported his lifestyle.

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