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Elvis in 1955. "He looks just like us!"

Posted: 11/29/2013 - Join us next semester for "Elvis. Memphis Messiah" and explore the roots of both Elvis and many types of popular music of the 20th century. Elvis’ roots were Pentecostal but his heart took him to many New Religions. He explored many with hopes of finding happiness and his own personal truth. Join us for this fascinating study of upheaval in the twentieth century. Elvis may have been one of the guiding forces of change for all of us. During our recent lecture on "Christianity and Rock N’ Roll," one of the students commented, "He looks just like us!" Elvis’ point of view and style changed our culture in many, many ways. The images of Elvis that student viewed were at least fifty years old. For info on the class email May be taken as an elective or towards a Major or Minor in Religious Studies.