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Rel 3900 Elvis and the Cults! "Oh, Really?"

Posted: 12/2/2013 - People who are steeped in their own religious traditions call other religions that they do not understand "cults." I was asked by a news show on television recently to be interviewed on "cults." They wanted me to hyperventilate about non-Christian religions. After discussions, they knew that I was not going to help them win market share. People are often afraid of religions they do not understand and the news show wanted to exploit that fear.

Elvis searched for happiness in many religions. He had an intellectual longing and intelligence that demanded conversations with people outside his community. He found that conversation in New Religions. He studied many and looked for answers from Astrology to Numerology to ancient Theosophical texts. "Rel 3900 Elvis. Memphis Messiah" will take you on part of the journey Elvis took. Join us for this fascinating journey.

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