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UCM Repeat Policy

Posted: 8/4/2014 - The main thing to remember with a course repeat is that THE MOST CURRENT GRADE/CREDIT WILL COUNT – EVEN IF IT’S NOT THE HIGHEST GRADE.

Also, you can only earn credit for a repeated course once. If you repeat a course in which you earned a grade of D and then earn an F on the second attempt. The F grade will count in your GPA instead of the D, and you will lose the credits earned for the D.

For repeating courses taken originally at UCM, the repeat must be done at UCM. For repeating transfer classes, you only benefit from a repeat if the transfer course is a direct equivalent to the UCM course.

You can learn the details of UCM’s course repeat policy in the 2014 catalog on page 25. The catalog is available online at

You can also find more information about course repeats at

More information: