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University Leadership

Leaders Dedicated to Student Success

Creating a learner-centered environment at the University of Central Missouri starts with our leadership. From our president to our Strategic Leadership Team to our Board of Governors, our leaders are driven to create an atmosphere where student success is a top priority. They are committed to academic quality, teaching excellence and engaged learning. Their dedication to empowering students’ dreams—all the way to graduation day and beyond—is reflected throughout UCM.

At UCM there’s no Ivory Tower. Our leaders are known on campus and in the community. They’re visible, accessible and approachable. Just like the future leaders we’re building at UCM, our university leadership understands the value of civic engagement and of giving of oneself to build stronger communities.    

Administration Building

UCM President

Known for his strong business acumen, leadership ability and commitment to students, Dr. Roger Best serves as the university's 16th president.

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Ward Edwards

UCM President's Council

Composed of executive officers and senior administrators, this group of dedicated leaders advises the UCM president and Board of Governors.  

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Elliott Student Union

UCM Board of Governors

This eight-member board is composed of leaders from all over the state of Missouri who are committed to maintaining the strength of the university. 

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