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Academic Costs for Courses

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Additional Costs for Courses

Date of Current Revision:   September 2016

Primary Responsible Officer:  Vice Provost of Academic Programs & Services


Additional Costs for Courses


Some departments find it necessary to charge course fees to students enrolled in specific courses. Students need to know any course fees before they enroll in a course. Course fees are for measurable and recurring expenses not provided within the department's operating budget. Course fees can be requested only for items used by students in that class, not for standard usage items that departments provide to faculty as part of usual teaching processes or for items provided for by the technology fee. Please see types of fees. The approval and management processes for course fees and field trips would include:


a. The college dean and department chair or faculty member(s) in cooperation with the department chair generates the request for a specific class indicating the amount, type of fee group and justification for the fee on a Course Fee Request form. The form is located in the Chairs' folder on the Q: drive (access restricted). Requests are to be sent to the Vice Provost for Academic Programs and Services by December 15 to be effective for the following fall semester and by September 1 to be effective the following spring or summer semester.


b. A committee comprised of one faculty representative from each college appointed by the Faculty Senate, one College Dean, one Department Chair, two undergraduate students and one graduate student consider the requests and vote to recommend approval or denial of each request. The Vice Provost for Academic Programs and Services will chair the committee. One additional member may be appointed at the discretion of the Provost.


c. Recommendations are sent to the Provost for approval. If a request is denied, the committee shall notify the appropriate Department Chair of reasons for denial. The appeal of the committee's decision can be made to the Provost.


d. Communication of course fees will be through course syllabi, MyCentral and notation in the General Catalog.


e. Charges for course fees/group expenses will be on the billing sent to students. Payment will be collected directly through Student Accounts and Loans in Student Financial Services. Students will pay the supplemental fees when they pay the per-credit-hour instructional fees. If a student withdraws, the course fee/group expense payment will be refunded at the same rate as his/her instructional fee. The collected revenue-will be deposited in the departmental account and monies will be expended for the purposes shown in the justification section of the request form.



Revision History:

Established and archived prior to 1999

Additional Costs for Courses revised by Provost October 4, 2005

Previously annotated as II.F.7. Additional Costs for Courses, II.F.11. Textbooks, II.F.12. Student Records. II.F. December 2015.

Edited for web links, formatting and plain language. Approved December 2015.

Updated link for types of course fees September 2016.

Previously annotated as II.F.3. Additional Costs for Courses. Renamed Additional Costs for Courses for alphabetical listing, grammar and spell check,  and transitioned into policy library April 2017