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Department By-Laws and Internal Governance

Academic Policies and Procedures


Department By-Laws and Internal Governance

Date of Current Revision:  February 2016     

Primary Responsible Officer:  Vice Provost of Academic Programs & Services


Department By-Laws and Internal Governance


Academic departments may develop by-laws or other internal governance rules that are in consonance with university policies and procedures and college Academic Policy and Procedures. Board Policies, University Procedures or Regulations, or college academic policy and procedures control if a conflict arises between these documents and departmental governance documents or operating rules. Therefore, any changes in university or college policies, procedures and rules may necessitate revisions of departmental by-laws and operating rules to remain in conformance. Departments are encouraged to conduct periodic reviews of internal governance procedures. Departmental by-laws and operating rules, as well as any subsequent changes in departmental by-laws and operating rules, require approval of the college dean. The college dean has final authority in the approval process.


Revision History:

Approved by the provost August 2006.

Edited for web links, formatting and plain language. Approved December 2015.

Reviewed by Vice Provost for Academic Services and Programs. No changes. February 2016.

Previously annotated as VII.23. Department By-Laws and Internal Governance. Renamed Department By-Laws and Internal Governance for alphabetical listing, grammar and spell check, and transitioned into policy library April 2017