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Field Trips

Academic Policies and Procedures


Field Trips

Date of Current Revision:  June 2016

Primary Responsible Officer: Provost or designee


Field Trips


At times, field trips are planned in conjunction with course assignments. Students in classes for which such trips are planned are to be given sufficient notice to make necessary arrangements for absence from the campus. Field trips may not be scheduled during final examination periods nor can they be expressly required of students. Work or assignments missed in other classes may be made up, although instructors are not required to provide tutoring and all arrangements must be made in advance.


A list of participants should be filed in the department office before departure. Advance approval may be obtained in those courses scheduling multiple field trips. All arrangements are subject to the limitations of university liability coverage and must be approved by the appropriate department chair or dean.


Revision History:

Established and archived prior to 1999

Previously annotated as II.F.4. Examinations, II.F.5. Grades, II.F.6. Grading System, II.F.15. Recording Devices, II.F.12. Field Trips. Edited for web links, formatting and plain language. Approved December 2015.

Previously annotated as II.F.2 Field Trips. Renamed Field Trips for alphabetical listing, grammar and spell check, and transitioned into policy library April 2017