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Program Advisory Boards

Academic Policies and Procedures


Program Advisory Boards

Date of Current Revision:  January 2016

Primary Responsible Officer: Provost or designee


Program Advisory Boards


The purposes of an academic Program Advisory Board are to contribute to the currency and quality of the academic program, facilitate the placement of graduates and enhance the reputation of the program. Academic Program Advisory Boards may assist academic programs in many ways, of which the following are merely examples: curriculum planning and development, development of funding sources to support both the academic program and students, generation of gifts of equipment and materials of value to the program, creation of student/faculty internships/exchanges, career placement opportunities for program graduates, current experiences for faculty in their area of expertise and plans for increasing the public visibility of the program. Advisory boards should not be used to influence the internal governance process of the University.


A. Membership on Advisory Boards:


Individual members of Academic Program Advisory Boards can reflect varying constituencies.These may include faculty, students, administrators, alumni, non-alumni and professionals with knowledge of the discipline/program. Members of the committees, whenever appropriate and possible, should be selected for their ability to assist the faculty and students. Members should broadly represent the various constituents who support the academic program.


1. Advisory Board membership may be for one or more than one academic year. Board appointments should normally be made effective with the beginning of the academic year.


2. Advisory Board membership will be comprised of a mix of faculty, students, administrators, alumni, non-alumni and professionals with knowledge of the discipline/program.


3. Member terms of appointment should be staggered in intervals for the purpose of assuring continuity.


4. All Academic Program Advisory Boards should meet at least once per academic year.


5. Upon permanent retirement from the Board, the service of each advisory board member should be acknowledged by the appropriate Department Chair and Dean.


6. Minutes of Advisory Board meetings and actions will be maintained in the Department Chair’s Office. These minutes will be provided upon request, to the College Dean and/or Provost.


B. Appointment Procedures:


1. Each administrator responsible for the coordination of the activities of the Program Advisory Board and the academic program shall arrange for the appointment of new members effective with the beginning of the academic year or at such other time as is appropriate.


2. Annually, Department Chairs will forward a current list of Program Advisory Board members to the Dean of the College to be included in the annual reports submitted to the Provost. This list will include business titles and addresses.


Revision History:

Approved 2000

Edited for web links, formatting and plain language. Approved December 2015.

Reviewed by Provost Council with minor edits to appointment procedures. Approved January 2016.

Previously annotated as VII.3. Program Advisory Boards. Renamed Program Advisory Boards for alphabetical listing, grammar and spell check, and transitioned into policy library April 2017