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Promotion & Tenure: Policies & Appendices

Academic Policies and Procedures


Promotion & Tenure: Appendices

Date of Current Revision:  October 2015

Primary Responsible Officer: Provost or designee


Promotion & Tenure: Appendices


Central’s policy governing the submission of promotion and tenure documentation states that the dossier is the primary document the candidate has to support his/her candidacy for promotion and/or tenure¹. Submission of appendices to the dossier is optional. Many faculty members are successful in their promotion and/or tenure applications on the basis of the dossier alone and have not submitted appendices or any other supporting material. Should the candidate elect to submit appendices, the following guidelines should be used in determining appendices materials to be included or excluded.


Appendices Materials That May Enhance the Review of Candidacy for Promotion and/or Tenure


1. One published manuscript (or other documented creative work) that characterizes the candidate’s “best” or most representative contribution in the area of scholarship/creative endeavors.

2.Copies of manuscripts that have been accepted for publication, but not yet published at the time of submission of the appendices.

3. In some disciplines, written peer reviews and/or assessments are common and these documents may therefore be included in the appendices at the candidate’s discretion.

4. Official summaries of instructional evaluations completed by students. This would include the statistical summary sheet for each course provided by information services (or IDEA, etc.), along with transcribed comments made by students as a part of the instructional evaluation process.

5. Any materials or documentation required by department or college policies.


Appendices Materials That Generally Do Not Enhance the Review of Candidacy for Promotion and/or Tenure


1. Letters verifying the candidate’s service on committees.

2. Works in which the candidate’s name is merely mentioned.

3. Annual faculty reports.

4. Cards, thank you/congratulatory notes, or other types of personal notes or letters received by the candidate.

5. Letters stating a candidate’s paper has been accepted for presentation (unless the presentation has not occurred at the time of submission of the dossier).

6. Letters stating a candidate’s manuscript has been accepted for publication (unless the work has not been published at the time of submission of the dossier).

7. Letters signifying a candidate has registered for, participated in, or attended a conference, meeting, or professional development session.

8. Letters signifying a candidate has served as a reviewer for a manuscript submission.

9. Videotapes or other recorded medium (e.g., CD ROM) of the candidate teaching or otherwise instructing.

10. Copies of manuscripts presently under review or in progress.


This document will be updated as feedback is received by those involved in promotion and tenure.


Revision History:

Approved by Provost 2003

Editorial Revisions October 2015.

Edited for web links, formatting and plain language. Approved December 2015.

Previously annotated as VII.21. Promotion and Tenure: Policies & Appendices.  Renamed Promotion and Tenure: Policies & Appendices for alphabetical listing, grammar and spell check, and transitioned into policy library April 2017