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Student Records

Academic Policies and Procedures


Student Records

Date of Current Revision:  January 2017

Primary Responsible Officer: Office of the Registrar


Student Records


Access and Confidentiality. This is a policy designated to state, in general fashion, the implementation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act at Central. If there are any questions, or if further details are needed, you may contact the Registrar for assistance.


For more information see: University Procedures and Guidelines: Protocol for Responses to Requests for Information about Students.


Revision History:

Established and archived prior to 1999

Previously annotated as II.F.7. Additional Costs for Courses, II.F.11. Textbooks, II.F.12. Student Records. II.F. December 2015.

Edited for web links, formatting and plain language. Approved December 2015.

Updated link for Student Records to the Registrar to reflect current practice January 2017.

Previously annotated as II.F.3. Student Records.  Renamed Student Records for alphabetical listing, grammar and spell check, and transitioned into policy library April 2017