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Teacher/Professional Education Governance

Academic Policies and Procedures


Teacher/Professional Education Governance

Date of Current Revision:  May 2016

Primary Responsible Officer: Dean of Education


Teacher/Professional Education Governance


The Unit Head is the individual officially designated to provide leadership for the unit, with the authority and responsibility for its overall administration and operation. At the University of Central Missouri, that individual is the Dean of the College of Education.


The Professional Education Faculty (PEF) shall be the representative body of the Teacher Education Program (TEP) for the entire University. The role of the PEF shall be to review, support and implement the conceptual framework of the Teacher Education Program at the University of Central Missouri. Membership in PEF shall include those individuals employed by UCM, including graduate teaching assistants, who teach one or more courses in education pedagogy, provide services to candidates (e.g., advising), supervise clinical experiences, or administer some portion of the unit. Voting members shall be full-time faculty and professional staff who are members of the PEF. At the request of the Unit Head, department chairs identify members of the PEF in the fall of each year, using the qualifications above. Voting membership in the PEF is required for all persons who serve on the Teacher Education Council.


The Teacher Education Council (TEC) is the Executive Board of the PEF and serves in an advisory capacity to review and recommend on policy, programs, curricular, and programmatic assessment matters related to the Teacher Education Program. The TEC serves the PEF and is representative of the PEF. The TEC reports to the Dean of the College of Education in his/her capacity as the University's official Unit Head.


*It is not the general practice to list the governance structure of individual units in the Academic Policy and Procedure. However, teacher education impacts upon each of the academic units, and faculty throughout the campus are affected by the teacher education governance structure. Thus, the materials are included herein.


Revision History:

Established and archived prior to 1999

Updated May 2012

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