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Office of Accessibility Services

Elliott Union 224
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4421
Fax: 660.543.4724


Testing Services

Student's Responsibilities:

Students whose disabilities require the provision of extended time for testing can receive this service from Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) or from their instructors. Some disabilities indicate the need for a consistent, private testing environment, in which case the student will always test at OAS. The student will need to sign up for space and a proctor and complete an EXAM PROCTORING CHECKLIST Form ("The Pink Sheet") at OAS about five school days before the test date. Students should include in their request any special equipment (calculators for math test, computers for essay questions, availability of Blackboard, etc.) required to take a test in their request. All equipment should be approved by the instructor before the test begins. The student will then deliver the Pink Sheet to the instructor.

Instructors are asked to deliver each test and Pink Sheet to OAS prior to the testing time and note any parameters for that specific test. Accessibility Services will coordinate the administering and returning of the test to the instructor unless the instructor chooses to pick up the completed exam from OAS.

OAS may use proctors to read test questions or write the answers of the test as indicated by the accommodations for the particular student. The proctor will write word for word as dictated by the student and read the answers back to the student. Students should not request a proctor to explain questions. Students are responsible for knowing the material and conveying it to the proctor.