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Office of Accessibility Services

Elliott Union 224
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4421
Fax: 660.543.4724


Office of Accessibility Services

Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

OAS Work Study Information

OAS appreciates the efforts of its staff.  Their very important work assignments create the hands-on services that our students rely upon.  To apply, verify your Work Study status with UCM Student Financial Services (660-543-8266) in Ward Edwards 1100, then complete the job application through Career Services, Union 302 or online.

OAS Interns

Interns from various academic departments on campus enable OAS to carry out some exciting projects. In the past we have enjoyed the fruitful knowledge of interns from Psychology, Social Work, Public Relations, Communication Disorders, Graphics Arts and Computer Information Services. If you are interested in learning on the job and working in an enjoyable, rewarding environment while fulfilling department requirements for an internship, please contact OAS.

OAS Volunteers

OAS welcomes the services of volunteers. We have had many valuable volunteers now and in the past. Many volunteer notetakers are needed in classrooms to share a copy of their notes with students whose disabilities make notetaking impossible. Some volunteers are fulfilling Community Service requirements; others enjoy volunteering their time to a helpful program. Some of the activities our volunteers have been involved in are: assisting students who are blind in orienting to the campus; converting text books and paper handouts to CD by scanning and editing; escorting students with mobility or visual disabilities during icy or snowy weather. Orienting new students and escorts during bad weather are not required services under ADA and volunteers allow us to help students seeking this assistance. OAS demonstrates its appreciates of volunteers through a reception each spring and by verifying the time spent for the volunteers' organizational requirements. Contact Cathy Seeley at OAS for information.

Other Positions

Students sometimes hire workers from their personal funds. Students with visual impairments hire readers; other students hire personal care attendants, scribes, or tutors. The Office of Accessibility Services is not involved in this hiring but we try to help our students by distributing and collecting information. Any person interested in these positions should leave their name, address, and phone number with the OAS office or send by email and we will try to forward it to an interested student.