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Agriculture Program

Grinstead Building, Room 126
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4240
Email: Dr. Fanson Kidwaro, Chair


Kyle Lovercamp

Dr Lovercamp Assosciate Professor of Agriculture - Animal Science
G 126B
(660) 543-8094


Ph.D., Animal Science, North Carolina State University, 2009
M.S., Animal Science, University of Missouri - Columbia, 2004
B.S., Agriculture Technology - Animal Technology, Central Missouri State University, 2002

Career Background
Dr. Lovercamp joined the agriculture department faculty as an assistant professor of agriculture in 2009. His primary responsibilities in the agriculture department include teaching and research in the area of animal science with a focus on porcine reproductive physiology. Dr. Lovercamp grew up on his family’s production livestock and grain farm in west-central Missouri. Following the completion of his undergraduate degree at Central Missouri State University, Dr. Lovercamp pursued graduate degrees at the University of Missouri – Columbia (M.S.) and North Carolina State University (Ph.D.). While at North Carolina State University, Dr. Lovercamp also was employed at a technician for the Extension Swine Husbandry group in the animal science department.
Professional Affiliations
Dr. Lovercamp is a member of the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture and the American Society of Animal Science.
Areas of Interest/Research
Dr. Lovercamp’s research interests are in the area of farm animal reproductive physiology. Specifically, his research seeks to identify seminal components which affect male fecundity and develop diagnostic tools to aid in determination of a male’s potential fertility.

Peer-reviewed Publications:

Lovercamp, K.W., K.R. Stewart, X. Lin and W.L. Flowers. 2013. Effect of dietary selenium on boar sperm quality. Anim Reprod Sci. 138:268-75

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Lovercamp, K. W., T. J. Safranski, K. A. Fischer, G. Manandhar, M. Sutovsky, W. Herring, and P. Sutovsky. 2007. High resolution light microscopic evaluation of boar semen quality sperm cytoplasmic droplet retention in relationship with boar fertility parameters. Syst Biol Reprod Med 53: 219 - 228.

Lovercamp K.W., T.J. Safranski, K.A. Fischer, G. Manandhar, M. Sutovsky, W. Herring and P. Sutovsky. 2007. Arachidonate 15-lipoxygenase and ubiquitin as fertility markers in boars. Theriogenology 67: 704-718.

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Burns, C.O., K.W. Lovercamp J. Ulmer and R. Woosley. 2013. Hay equivalent produced utilizing bio-diesel equipment to remove moisture content by screw extraction: A pilot study. University of Central Missouri MS degree project. Submitted to the Graduate College.

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Huggins, K., F. Kidwaro, D. Ewing and K.W. Lovercamp. 2012. Effect of grazing Winterking variety annual ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum) on weight gains of Simmental heifers. University of Central Missouri undergraduate research project. Submitted to the Honors College.

Banks, K., S. Lankford and K.W. Lovercamp. 2012. Effects of LPS as a Stressor on Estrus and Hormonal Profiles in Bovine. University of Central Missouri undergraduate research project. Submitted to the Honors College.

K.W. Lovercamp. 2011. Introduction of freshman and sophomore undergraduate agriculture students to animal husbandry and animal behavior via working one-on-one with a recently weaned beef cattle heifer. North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Annual Conference. University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta.

K.W. Lovercamp. 2010. Assessment Method for Quantifying Knowledge Level of Students at the Beginning and End of a Course. North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Annual Conference. State College, PA.