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McClure Archives and University Museum

Kirkpatrick Library 1470
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4649
Dr. Amber R. Clifford-Napoleone, Director


Dr. John W. Sheets

Dr. John Sheets
Dr. John Sheets
Interim Director, McClure Archives and University Museum
Professor Emeritus of Anthropology

JCK Library 1470
University of Central Missouri
Warrensburg, MO 64093


Hometown Trenton, Missouri

BA University of Missouri-Columbia 1972
MA University of Missouri-Columbia 1974
PhD. University of Colorado-Boulder 1978
Research and presentations at Aberdeen University and Edinburgh University, Scotland; Research grants from National Endowment for the Humanities and National Geographic Society
Specialty: Biological anthropology; historical demography; Scotland; Ontario

A bibliography of Professor Donald Mackinnon (1839-1914), SCOTTISH GAELIC STUDIES 25: 235-61 (2009); Miss Catherine McKinnon's "Russian Fortune," SCOTTISH STUDIES (1993); Fieldwork as reverse information for local tradition, FOLKLORE IN USE (1994); A triplet maternity in a reduced population with excessive twinning, JOURNAL OF BIOSOCIAL SCIENCE (1995); "National Culture of Mobility":  the Colonsay-Canada Connection IN Transatlantic Studies (University Press of America), pp. 69-83, 2000 ; Review of The Population of Europe: A History by Massimo Livi-Bacci (2000), AMERICAN ANTHROPOLOGIST 103:586-7, 2001; The Americans, the Earl of Selkirk, and Colonsay's 1806 emigrants to Prince Edward Island, SCOTTISH LOCAL HISTORY 61:11-21, (2004) ; "Finding Colonsay's emigrants and a 'Heritage of Place' in Transatlantic Scots (University of Alabama Press), pp. 263-85, 2005. "Dr. Roger McNeill and Public Health in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland," JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS OF EDINBURGH 41: 341-60 (2011).

Courses taught  
Human Prehistory, Native America, Archeology, Biological Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology; North European Cultures in the Missouri London Program, England; Transatlantic Migration from North Europe at the Transatlantic Study Center, Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Favorite historical figure 
Charles Darwin:  He gleefully gathered data for the 'new' Natural History of evolution, yet painfully broke with his 'old' Victorian culture and conscience; he was a devoted father to his seven surviving children.

Favorite Links
The Primate Gallery