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Biology and Agriculture

W.C. Morris Building
Room 306
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Dr. Fanson Kidwaro, Chair
Phone: 660-543-4933

Department of Biology and Earth Science

Area 05 Biomedical/Cellular and Molecular Biology


A background in the life sciences opens many doors to employment and graduate studies. All individuals pursuing research degrees must have a fundamental understanding and background in the life sciences. This major is designed to meet the requirements for admission to enter graduate school in biomedical engineering, physiology, biology, or related fields.

Students should keep in mind that this program is based upon a sequence of prerequisites, beginning with adequate preparation in high school mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

Academic preparation for the biomedical professions varies widely. Some professions require a Bachelor’s degree and others require both a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree.

Students should seek advice and information early in their programs so that individual goals and specific additional requirements can be considered in curriculum planning.

Increasingly, scientific progress is dependent upon the application of knowledge from a wide variety of disciplines. Biomedical/Molecular studies lies at the interface of science and medicine. The understanding of the cellular and molecular processes involved in health and disease is critical for future developments in health care, and for innovations in science and technology.

Our program offers much of the fundamental science that you will need with coverage of biology, physiology, chemistry, microbiology, cell biology and physics. This option is particularly suited for students preparing for graduate work in molecular and cellular biology research.

This is a recommended program of study for the Biology Major, B.S. Area 5 Biomedical/Cellular and Molecular Biology Degree at UCM.