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Biology and Agriculture

W.C. Morris Building
Room 306
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Dr. Fanson Kidwaro, Chair
Phone: 660-543-4933

Department of Biology and Earth Science

Dr. Noor Babrakzai

Professor of Biologybabrakzai


B. S. University of Peshawar, Pakistan
M. S. University of Peshawar, Pakistan
Ph. D. University of Arizona

Dr. Noor Babrakzai has been a faculty member since 1981. He teaches Cell Biology, Parasitology, Cytogenetics, (and occasionally General Zoology).

His research interests include genotoxicity of chemicals on the dividing cells of model organisms (onions, snails etc); the Polar Ring Complex or the Apical complex of the unicellular all-parasitic phylum Apicomplexa (which can be stained and seen under the light microscope!). The mutualistic relationship of the Oligochaete worm Chaetogester lymnaei and aquatic pulmonate snails.

Finding Technology-based solutions for the teaching of descriptive Biology has been one of his important goals. Several funded intra-mural grant proposals, including a recent one from the Central Missouri's College of Arts & Science’s Technology Committee, and in-kind gift donations (over the past 20 years), has enabled him to achieve the following objectives:

Department of Biology and Earth Science
Office: WCM 318, UCM
Phone: 660-543-8626