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Digital Citizenship: An Annotated Bibliography


The Digital Citizenship: An Annotated Bibliography project is an annotated bibliography of recommended readings on digital citizenship topics that incorporates a variety of content including research articles, books, and reports. The annotated bibliography was curated to provide librarians and educators with current resources which explain what is known and understood about digital citizenship and its related elements. 

The annotated bibliography is organized using Ribble’s (2015) Nine Elements*: digital access, digital commerce, digital communication and collaboration, digital etiquette, digital fluency, digital health and wellness, digital law, digital rights and responsibility, and digital security and privacy. The creators also included a page on general digital citizenship  resources that includes materials that look at all of digital citizenship including frameworks, research articles, and standards. This bibliography includes works produced since 2015,  with a focus on more recent works produced since 2019 when the COVID-19 pandemic led to an increase in digital reliance.

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