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Construction Management

Be a Leader in the Construction Industry

UCM’s Construction Management program prepares individuals to become leaders in the construction industry. The curriculum exposes students to Commercial, Civil, Industrial, and Residential projects and provides the foundation for pursuing both field and office-based career tracks. Students enjoy small class sizes and learning from faculty with extensive U.S. construction industry experience. The program has earned accreditation from the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE). Graduates are highly recruited by regional and national construction firms who provide summer internships and full time employment. The program is also supported by an active advisory board made up of recognized industry leaders.


Caleb Skaggs standing in front of The Crossing

UCM student and intern, Caleb Skaggs proudly stands outside of The Crossing - South at Holden, a high-impact project he helped contribute to by applying classroom lessons to a real-world construction site.

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Program Information

First Destination Success Rates

These reports highlight UCM graduates six months after graduation on their First Destination Success (FDS). FDS can be defined as graduates who are actively engaged in work/educational experiences (full-time, part-time, military, volunteer/program of service, or continuing education). Prospective students and families can gain knowledge by looking at major statistics.

2019-2020 Salary Summary

2019-2020 Graduates – Employers & Job Titles

2018-2019 Salary Summary

2018-2019 Graduates – Employers & Job Titles

2017-2018 Salary Summary

2017-2018 Graduates – Employers & Job Titles

2016-2017 Salary Summary

2016-2017 Graduates – Employers & Job Titles

2015-2016 Salary Summary

2014-2015 Salary Summary 

Annual Student Enrollment and Graduation Data

  2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017 2017-2018 2018-2019 2019-2020 2020-2021
Annual Student Enrollment 125 136 134 154  147 140 138
Annual Graduation 24 19 22 26  30 34 28

What is CM?

  • A $1.2M House
  • A $690M Stadium
  • A $250M Hospital

 All these projects and many more were successfully completed by graduates of UCM’s CM program

 Construction Management is a combination of specialized project management techniques used to manage planning, design, and construction of a project from beginning to end. 

CMGT Mission Statement

To provide a nationally accredited program of study designed to provide the technical, managerial, and general education needs of those desiring to enter or continue in a construction related professional career.

Undergraduate Programs

Program Education Outcomes

  1. Have effective oral and written communication skills and demonstrate the ability to contribute effectively to the benefit of teams.
  2. Apply construction management skills to develop and apply a project budget using the project estimate and schedule.  
  3. Produce and manage a construction schedule.      
  4. Be a professional, ethical, and socially responsible constructor.  
  5. Be capable and committed to providing a safe working environment on all construction projects.
  6. Utilize current construction management techniques and construction management technology to acquire, manage, and complete construction projects.  

Student Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, graduates will have the ability to:

  1. Identify, formulate, and solve broadly defined technical or scientific problems by applying knowledge of mathematics and science and/or technical topics to areas relevant to the discipline
  2. Formulate or design a system, process, procedure, or program to meet desired needs
  3. Develop and conduct experiments or test hypotheses, analyze and interpret data, and use scientific judgment to draw conclusions
  4. Communicate effectively with a range of audiences
  5. Understand ethical and professional responsibility and the impact of technical and/or scientific solutions in global, economic, environmental, and societal contexts
  6. Function effectively on teams that establish goals, plan tasks, meet deadlines, and analyze uncertainty

Construction Management Student Groups

Student Organization of Construction Managers (SOCM)

SOCM is a construction management student group which focuses on networking, philanthropy, and professional development. With regard to networking, SOCM hosts social events for its members to promote relationships with each other. Past projects have included working together to build a homecoming float and hosting cook outs. With regard to Philanthropy, SOCM hosts fund raisers, organizes food drives, and builds community projects like the walking trail bridge at Lion's Lake and shade pavilions for dog parks. Finally, with regard to professional development, SOCM organizes trips to industry events in Kansas City like the Building Industry Expo, Estimating & Management Academies, as well as organizing teams for the Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) Student Management Competition.

Each year SOCM works with the CM faculty, advisory board, and industry sponsors to participate in the Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) Student Management Competition  in Nebraska City, NE.  The competition is among 16 schools offering construction-related degrees in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska.  The competition is based on real plans and specifications of Commercial, Design-Build, Heavy/Civil, and Residential projects already completed or underway.  Teams are given the plans and specifications and required to prepare complete estimates, schedules, cash flow projections, cost analysis, site layouts, methodology plans, and safety plans per the problem statement.  Representatives from industry that were involved with these real-world projects judge the written submittal and the formal presentation of the solution.

This is an excellent learning opportunity for our students, emphasizing technical, leadership, and teamwork skills.  The teams meet every Thursday evening in the fall semester to prepare the pre-qualification package, develop preliminary estimates and schedules, rehearse presentation skills, and review past bid packages and presentations in preparation for the competition.  Many companies that employ our students have commented that they look very favorably on candidates who have participated in this competition.  



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Construction Management

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Program Accreditation

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You will receive an education from an ABET accredited program.



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