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Tobacco Free Campus

At UCM, we value the health and safety of all students, employees, and visitors. In support of this value, UCM has been a tobacco-free campus since 2014. The use of tobacco products is prohibited on university property. Tobacco products include vapes/e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco, hookah, cigarettes, and all forms of smoke-generating products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is tobacco use prohibited?

Tobacco use is prohibited on all university property. This includes all university-owned, leased or controlled buildings and residences including but not limited to:

  • Warrensburg Main Campus
  • The Missouri Innovation Campus Facility
  • Prussing Farm
  • Mitchell Farm
  • Missouri Safety Center

It also includes all outdoor areas of UCM campuses including but not limited to:

  • Campus sidewalks
  • Campus parking lots (except inside your personal vehicle)
  • All recreational areas (except on Keth Memorial Golf Course)
  • All outdoor stadiums

 Tobacco use is not allowed in university vehicles.

Is smoking allowed on sidewalks?

Smoking or other tobacco use is not allowed on university owned sidewalks such as those running through the interior of the campus. However, sidewalks that run parallel to city streets such as Clark or Holden are not owned by UCM. So, the policy does not apply to those particular sidewalks.

If you choose to smoke on a city owned sidewalk, please remember to dispose of your cigarette butts in an appropriate receptacle to help keep our campus beautiful. There are four recycling containers located on the edges of the Warrensburg campus, or you can throw your butt in a trash receptacle after you are sure it is extinguished.

Are e-cigarettes allowed?

No. The policy specifically prohibits the use of e-cigarettes and any other nicotine delivery method not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as nicotine replacement therapy. If e-cigarettes are approved in the future by the FDA as nicotine replacement therapy, they would then be allowed under this policy.

How is the policy enforced? How can I report a problem area?

The success of this policy depends upon the courtesy, respect, and cooperation of all members of the UCM community. Any member of the UCM community may inform individuals of the policy and politely ask for their compliance. Individuals who refuse to comply or are consistently non-compliant may be reported through existing student, faculty, staff or guest administrative processes. If an individual whom you ask to comply with the policy becomes aggressive in response to your request, you should contact the Department of Public Safety for assistance.

Have you noticed a location on campus where individuals are consistently violating the policy by smoking or using tobacco where it is not allowed? You can help UCM maintain a safe and healthy tobacco free environment by completing this anonymous reporting form. Response to reports may include monitoring the area, providing education on the policy, and initiating a more formal reporting process if individuals are consistently non-compliant.

I’m thinking about quitting smoking. Does UCM offer help with this?

Congratulations on your interest in becoming tobacco free!

For Students

Through the University Health Center, UCM offers students a free tobacco cessation program. The health center can help you quit cigarettes, chew or snus, or other forms of tobacco. This tobacco cessation program is confidential and convenient. It includes:

  • A personalized cessation (“quit”) plan.
  • Up to individual 12 meetings with a trained cessation coach.
  • If desired, up to 3 months of free nicotine replacement therapy (patches, gum or lozenges).
  • Stress management techniques and encouragement.

Call the University Health Center at 660-543-4770 to learn more or schedule an appointment.

For Employees

UCM benefit-eligible employees can obtain assistance through our health insurance provider or our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Contact Human Resources at 660-543-4255 to learn more. 

Additional free resources:

Where can I read the entire policy?

The Use of Tobacco Policy is a Board of Governors Policy and may be accessed here.

Whom can I speak with about this policy?

Your opinions and feedback are very important to us. We want to help you understand the policy and answer your questions. Please contact the University Policy Office at 660-543-4730.


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