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Complete all of your courses at a convenient, centralized location.

Complete all of your courses at a convenient, centralized location.


Engage in cohort
learning environments that broaden your educational network.


Join more than 130 CPPP graduates serving in leadership positions in the KC Metro.

Develop and lead.

Develop your professional skills
as you learn to inspire
and lead others.

Collaborative Principal Preparation Program (CPPP)

UCM's Collaborative Principal Preparation Program Develops Driven, Successful School District Leaders.

Engaging, Mentor- and Cohort-Inspired Coursework
From the beginning of CPPP, students work and learn together in a cohort environment. The cohort experience provides students with shared learning experiences and opportunities to broaden their educational and support networks.

The CPPP is a cooperative venture involving 14 local school districts and the University of Central Missouri. Classes are taught at the Missouri Innovation Campus in Lee's Summit, MO.

Students are provided a mentor by their district who will work with them on leadership activities throughout the program. Coursework will focus on a range of topics and skills that will prepare students to become building level administrators

Program Success
Over 143 program graduates and current program students have been successful in obtaining leadership positions.



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